Guess whos back? Back again!

hello, hello, and hello again ladies and gentledudes.

the interface net effect is back again and we are ready to rock and roll. this time we are coming back out of retirement once again. we are basically the floyd mayweather of blog writing (except not as rich…yet).


Anyways, thank you all so much for sticking with us during this up and down time, but we promise once we get our new office set up we will be back in action and ready to rock and roll harder, better, faster, and strongerer than ever … yes, strongerer is now an official word.

and speaking of words, how about a word from our sponsors – brought to you by another margarita!

heheh, jk.

have a look at the digital marketing trends of the past year and get real used to them, because we are about to create the next trends of 2017 – together!



This is Sheila, signing off, and seeing you very soon!